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Monitoring Your Home Network - Updated

Monitoring Your Home Network - Updated With the pandemic a lot of folks have been at home and on a zoom call that start to lag or chop and you wonder - is it me or is it the person on the other side?

On Incident Assumptions

The world is on fire If you have been through a large number of high severity events, you’ve probably found yourself working with a mental model based on graphs, logs, or other telemetry – except the model was completely wrong.

Monitoring your home network with InfluxDB on Raspberry Pi with Docker

Backstory Over a year ago I was having all sorts of networking problems at home, major packet loss, complete networking outages and more. They were spurious, unpredictable and hard to diagnose.

Consul Toolbelt #1: Instance Health

These toolbelt uses aren’t enough to warrant a full Consul install, but if you are already running Consul there are some neat things you can do with it.

Onboarding, On-Call and Learning

A while back in the hangops slack I offered to try and help anyone that I could in the #career_advice or #job_board channels. I am no expert on these topics but maybe I have some knowledge that will help others.

Pete’s Terraform Tips

My Terraform experience started with a single Terraform environment which is over a year old in production with over 3000 Terraform applies and over 4500 versions of state.